Do you have to bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Does your BFF get engaged? It’s time to start celebrating! First up on the pre-wedding party list: the engagement celebration. When it’s super formal or laid-back, the etiquette about that very first celebration can be a little bit fuzzy, especially in regards to whether or not you are supposed to deliver a present. We asked our experts to weigh in on whether you’ve got to observe the future Mr. and Mrs. using a gift right off the bat Check out some great gift ideas over at Not On The High Street.

Engagement parties vary widely from couple to few–and a few may even have a few until they walk down the aisle. One individual might lead his spouse to a surprise engagement party the moment he’s popped the question, while another couple may elect for a more formal party hosted by their parents once the information spread out. Anything from casual drinks at a pub to a cocktail reception with waiters in white gloves extends–that can increase the confusion.

The good news is, engagement gifts are not required, no matter how fancy the celebration. Even if the set has already installed their registry that does not mean that you’ve got to click “buy” before they have even sent out invitations. Frequently, close relatives and friends of this couple will show up with a gift, which ranges from a publication of wedding inspiration into a traditional wedding gift like a cute frame or serving dish.

Nowadays, it’s common for visitors to bring a present to an engagement party, but it is something small and sentimental. Do not feel pressured to provide an elaborate or expensive gift. If you would like to bring a present, you can, but also bring it to the gathering itself. At the minimum, you can make a congratulatory card to leave for the couple, letting them know how happy you are so you are excited to celebrate this milestone together. Whether you bring a gift is entirely your decision, but if you are worried about showing up empty-handed, consider something budget friendly just like a bottle of wine or some lovely bouquet.

Should you decide to get a present for the couple, there is also some flexibility when it comes to how it is delivered. You can send flowers or champagne to your friends as soon as you know they’re tying the knot or opt to wrap something and bring it with you to the engagement celebration.

And of course, present or no gift, be sure to congratulate your friends in person–and invite the host for having you to get some ideas and inspiration to engagement party cards look at the wide selection at Funky Pigeon.

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