Groom Styles

Your fiance might have left almost all of the wedding preparations to you personally, however in regards to his outfit; he’ll probably have very fixed ideas on what he would like to wear. Groom styles should rely on the sort of wedding you will have, in addition to it he must put on a suit to work throughout the week; lots of grooms need something unique for their wedding that they would not usually wear and also have a particular style and style in mind.

Suit Types for Grooms
The traditional groom’s ensemble is a timeless morning suit with top hat, tails and a waistcoat, typically worn with pinstripe pants. This remains a popular option and provides your groom with the chance to wear some thing entirely different from his normal appearance.

A morning suit could be co-ordinated together with all the bridesmaids’ outfits, or the colour of the flowers, by utilising a similar coloured waistcoat and a tie or cravat. Many grooms will opt to employ their morning matches since it’s unlikely they will have to wear them quite often.

Maybe inspired by the appeal of James Bond, many grooms are opting to wear tuxes as opposed to the typical morning suit. These are especially appropriate for a day wedding and can be found in various colours, although white and black are still the hottest. The bow tie and cummerbund could be co-ordinated together with the wedding colour scheme to get more ideas and inspiration check out The Knot.

The third selection for grooms which don’t wish to wear a morning suit, but want to look smart in their marriage, is a frock coat. This includes a three quarter length coat which may be worn with a cravat or a tie.

Groom Colour Trends
Grey is now the most stylish colour for grooms and their groomsmen if they’re wearing morning suits or frock coats. Grey looks good especially with colours like pink, lilac and light blue, which are very popular options for bridesmaids’ dresses.

Many grooms play it safe with their tops, and cream, ecru and ivory are still the most attractive colours. For the ones that are being a little more adventuresome, the current fad for soft greens is shifting towards a brighter turquoise, and gentle plums, cherry reds and dark lilacs are extremely trendy this season.

Tailored Groom’s Outfits
If you have the budget, then a tailored shirt and suit give your groom different looks. In addition to ensuring a perfect match, tailoring can permit your groom to make a distinctive outfit by picking all of the beautiful details from the sort of collar and cuffs into the design of buttons as well as the colour of the stitching. We have seen some of the best groom styles over at


To give continuity to your general wedding appearance, the groom’s waistcoat or cravat may be fashioned from precisely the same material as the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you have outfits tailored to the groomsmen in addition to the groom, your fiance might want to alter subtle aspects of his outfit, for example, cravat colour, to make him different from the rest of the wedding party.

By Warren @ Documentary Wedding Photography