Ways to Make a Gap Between Your Ceremony and Reception

You already know that time on your wedding day is essential. It keeps everybody on the program, keeps the energy high, and will help make sure that you can squeeze in each moment you have dreamed of. And as you may know, precisely when you need everything to happen, you need to be flexible, particularly when it has to do with the time of your service. If you have chosen to get married at a house of worship, then there is a fairly good chance you will have specific set times to pick from for your walk down the aisle–meaning it may not be a handy hour before your cocktail hour is place to start. But you should find yourself with a couple of hours between the “I dos” and the party, then do not worry! We got a couple of ideas which will allow you to earn that gap function that works for you. One of our favourite photographers, Simon, from¬†Simon Withyman Photography¬†contributed the following to the discussion.

Inform Your Guests

Ensure that your guests know well in advance if they will be on their own for a couple of hours ahead of your reception starts. Look at going conventional with your invitation and also including a reception card, which will help alert your visitors to the more prolonged program. Add a segment to your wedding site with recommendations for local activities and entertainment choices (like lunch spots along with your favourite places to get a drink!) Where they could pass the time–and do not forget to incorporate it at any welcome info or presents you supply.


Schedule Pictures

What if you, your loved ones, and your wedding party do throughout all of the time? Take pictures! Use it as an opportunity to learn more about the setting you have selected for your wedding and find those location-specific shots which you will remember.


Especially if you’re getting married in the summer time, utilise that pre-reception time to get your makeup and hair touched up. You will want to appear just as fabulous once you walk into dinner because you did walking down the aisle.

Have Some Alone Time

Another wonderful way to use up this gap? Have a modest one-time time with your new partner! Arrange for your resort to deliver a tasty dinner (with champs, naturally) into your honeymoon package and require some time to bask in the post-ceremony glow. Better yet? Have your maid of honour or planner assist you from your wedding gown so that you may slip on some leggings and a button down top (so that you do not mess up your makeup or hair) and delight in that newlywed meal in relaxation.

A bouquet of flowers

Feed Your Dearest

Ensure that your wedding celebration becomes fed throughout the gap, whether it’s with you and your spouse or as a team while the both of you slide away for a quiet time. The very last thing you need is to allow them to be completely hungry once cocktail hour starts.

Supply Transportation

If your reception site is not nearby, get the most out of the gap time by assisting to get your visitors to the celebration. Inform them of if shuttles will be departing or how to catch a designated automobile service such as Uber, then be certain cocktail hour is prepared to begin whenever they walk into the doorway.

Greet Your Guests

One other fantastic thing about getting your reception a couple of hours after the service is that you are going to have the ability to reach cocktail hour before everybody else does. If you intend to have a receiving line, do this along with the way to the cocktail hour space in order, and your visitors can say hello, then they could catch a beverage. Even when you’re keeping things casual, having time to shoot photographs and do touch-ups before the reception starts means you will have the ability to attend the majority of your cocktail hour, which makes one mingle as you see fit.